When Does Your Child Need An Orthodontist?

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Raising a child is no easy feat, and knowing what to do when it comes to your child’s oral health can be very helpful in alleviating some of the stress you experience as a parent. In this blog post, our team at Saskatoon Smiles tells you all you need to know about taking your child to see an orthodontist in Saskatoon.

What Age Should Your Child Visit an Orthodontist At?

The best time to take your child to an orthodontist in Saskatoon is once their first molars have erupted in their mouth, usually around the age of six to ten years. This may seem too early, but although your child may not need braces just yet, it is a good idea to monitor the development of their jaw and bite from an early age. The earlier you notice abnormal growth patterns and begin treatment, the simpler it will be to adjust your child’s bite and help them maintain excellent oral health.

What to Expect At Your First Visit

Most parents get a recommendation for a good orthodontist through their family dentist in Saskatoon. The first time your child visits the orthodontist, you will get to meet them and their staff. Once you are checked in, your child’s orthodontist will begin their exam. They will use a small mirror to inspect all corners of your child’s mouth, and your child will be asked to bite down so they can evaluate if the bite is correctly aligned.

Once this exam is complete, the orthodontist will listen to any concerns you may have and answer any questions about whether treatment is needed, what kind of treatment is recommended, and the kind of treatment recommended. If no issues are found, the orthodontist may suggest that you visit them periodically for exams to ensure that your child’s growth and development are progressing properly.

What if a Problem is Found During the First Visit?

If your child’s orthodontist notices something amiss, they will speak to you about the best time to begin treatment, and the kind of treatment they recommend, such as braces in Saskatoon. Early intervention, meaning orthodontic treatment while baby teeth are still present, is best for some children. Others may benefit from waiting until all their permanent teeth have erupted.

Sometimes, your orthodontist will recommend a “wait and see” approach, in which they will monitor your child’s growth and development regularly to time treatment properly.

Do Your Dentist and Orthodontist Communicate?

Yes, your dentist in Saskatoon and your orthodontist will communicate with each other to ensure that your child gets the best overall oral healthcare experience possible. However, if for any reason you prefer they not tell your dentist, they honor your wishes.

Visit Saskatoon Smiles

If your child has not seen an orthodontist yet, now is a great time to book their first visit, especially if they are between the ages of six and ten. Please do not hesitate to contact our team at Saskatoon Smiles. We are happy to provide your child with a comprehensive evaluation and create a personalized treatment plan to ensure they maintain a stunning smile throughout their life. Please get in touch to book your child’s initial consultation today!