Before and Afters

* These photographs are of Dr. Wes Antosh’s patients. Photographs are for informational purpose only because individual treatment results will vary from patient to patients. Some patients may not be candidates for treatment.

The Saskatoon Smiles Difference

Dentistry has evolved immensely over the years and this has improved the patient experience by delivering more comfort and greater oral health. Saskatoon Smiles not only treats existing issues but looks towards a preventative approach.

Instead of reacting to a problem/disease when it is far advanced, the dental treatment we provide is aimed to prevent problems before they have a chance to cause irreversible damage. We are Saskatoon Dentists with a prevention focused model of care arrive at better outcomes. We see the prevention of oral disease and therefore patients keeping their teeth for life.

Saskatoon Smiles offers all General Dentistry procedures such as: Bonded Fillings, Bridges, Crowns, Extractions, Implants, Amalgam-Fee, Root Canals, Sedation (local and gas).

Saskatoon Smiles Preventive Dentistry offerings include: Hygiene Services, Non-Surgical Gum Therapy, TMJ (TMD)

Additional Procedures

Saskatoon Smiles offers several additional procedures. Severely worn down, missing, or badly damaged teeth can truly have a detrimental effect on one’s ability to chew or to feel comfortable in social situations. Teeth marred by neglect, lack of care, and improper dentistry often require comprehensive restorative treatment, a combination of general and restorative dentistry procedures that may include periodontal therapy, endodontic treatment, veneers, bridges, crowns, implants or other dental work. Dr. Wes Antosh, D.D.S. offers you a full range of options to get you smiling again!

* All dental treatments and procedures are carried out by the general dentists at each of the Saskatoon Smiles locations.

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