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Dentures in Saskatoon

Over time, our teeth endure wear and tear, which can sometimes lead to the development of oral health issues or tooth loss. For some, this may happen later on in life as a result of aging. However, others may experience this earlier in life due to injury or the progression or oral issues that are left untreated. Losing a tooth can cause stress and inconvenience to a person’s life.

In these instances, it is important to visit your Saskatoon dentist to discuss treatment options. When multiple teeth are missing, patients are often advised to receive dentures to restore the functionality of the mouth. Your dentist can help you determine whether you may need a complete or partial denture.

Dentures in Saskatoon

What are Partial Dentures?

This is utilized for individuals who have a few missing teeth and prefer to keep the remaining natural teeth. If a patient has only one missing tooth they will be advised an alternative restorative measure such as a dental implant or dental crown. Partial dentures are removable and can be used for both the upper and lower teeth. They consist of replacement teeth attached to a metal framework that holds the denture in place within the mouth.

The false teeth attached to the partial denture are highly polished and made of materials that mimic natural teeth. As for its structure, the upper dentures cover the roof of the mouth, while the lower denture is formed in a U-shape to make room for the tongue.

Dentures saskatoon

What are Complete Dentures?

This restorative application is recommended to patients who have lost the majority or all of their teeth on the upper or lower set of teeth. In some cases, they will have both set of teeth replaced with a pair of complete dentures. Suction or adhesive is used to keep these dentures snug and comfortably in place during use. Wearers are able to eat, drink, and speak comfortably while wearing these dentures. They are able to remove them for cleaning purposes as well as when they go to sleep.

What is the Process of Getting Dentures?

Initially, you will have a series of impressions taken and used to create the dentures. The only difference in this process is for patients who are seeking complete dentures. If complete dentures are being made, the patient’s remaining teeth will be extracted after the impressions are taken. After this step, the impressions will be sent for fabrication of the dentures.

For both types of dentures, you and your Saskatoon dentist will discuss the shade, size, and shape of the teeth that will be crafted on the dentures. Finally, the dentures will be fitted in the patient’s mouth to ensure they fit properly. Adjustments will be made if necessary to allow for long wear and comfort of the patient.

How Long Do They Last?

Dentures typically have a long lifespan. However, changes and future adjustments may be necessary as your mouth changes. A partial denture may eventually be traded in for a complete denture as time progresses. This is common for senior patients. A set of dentures can last over 10 years with proper care and handling.

Are you interested in dentures in Saskatoon? Contact our dental clinic today to schedule your appointment for dentures in Saskatoon. Our patient-focused dental office strives to provide each patient with quality dental care they can’t find anywhere else. Our skilled and friendly dental team would be happy to help you find the perfect dentures for you.

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