Tooth Extractions in Saskatoon

Whether the patient is young or old, there is always a chance they may require a tooth extraction. The need for a tooth extraction may vary depending on the patient and their specific case. This will be determined during a visit with your Saskatoon dentist. During this visit the dentist will assess the patient’s oral health and determine whether or not a tooth extraction is required. If a tooth extraction is the solution, it may be in the form of a simple or surgical tooth extraction, depending on the state of the tooth.

tooth extractions in saskatoon

Simple Tooth Extraction

This procedure refers to the removal of teeth that are visible in the mouth. Saskatoon dentists are able to perform this procedure by administering a local anesthetic to numb the affected area before performing the procedure. Vital instruments such as the elevator and dental forceps are used to elevate the affected tooth and grasp the visible portion for extraction.

In this procedure, the tooth can be moved back and forth until the periodontal ligament breaks enough to be detached from the alveolar bone. The process of doing this may require a controlled force exerted on the tooth until it is removed from the mouth. This is done using dental forceps.

Surgical Tooth Extraction in Saskatoon

This procedure on the other hand refers to the removal of teeth that are not easily accessible inside the mouth. A common instance would be a tooth that has not completely erupted through the gum or one that has been fractured under the gum line.

This procedure involves surgery to remove the tooth from the mouth. This typically involves a combination of IV sedation and local anesthesia, administered by a Saskatoon dentist or an oral surgeon, to ensure the affected area is numb and the patient is comfortable during the procedure. An incision is creating in the connective tissue surrounding the tooth for access. In most cases, there may be a need for the tooth to be fragmented into several pieces for easier removal. This is much more complex than a simple tooth extraction.

This type of tooth extraction is required to remove impacted teeth from a patient’s mouth. This is typically the case when a patient’s wisdom teeth erupt, which occurs between the ages of 17 and 25.

tooth extraction saskatoon

Simple Extraction vs. Surgical Extraction

The main goal of both types of extractions is to reduce the risk or development of oral health issues.

Between the two procedures, simple tooth extractions are preferred when the situation allows. This is because there are less adverse effects and risks compared to surgical tooth extractions. If the tooth is not fully erupted from the gums, a surgical tooth extraction will likely be the primary solution. Visiting your local dentist will help determine which type of tooth extraction you may require. If you have any questions about these two procedures, contact our Saskatoon dental clinic today.

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