Important Facts About Your Oral Health

What can I do if my tooth becomes loose or gets knocked out?

The first step is not to panic! You will need to visit your dentist within an hour of the incident. To stop the bleeding bite down a clean gauze and place the tooth in a container with milk or saline.

How many dental checkups and cleanings should I schedule per year?

Appointments at 6 to 12-month intervals are recommended. More frequent visits may be required if you have gum disease or systemic conditions.

How important are X-rays?

X-rays are essential. This diagnostic tool can help your dentist diagnose, monitor, and treat oral ailments. At our dental office, we employ an advanced digital dental imaging system, which provides up to 80% less radiation than medical X-rays, CT scans, and traditional dental film exposures.

At what age should my child see their dentist for the first time?

Children who are between the ages of two and three should receive their first dental checkup. In most cases, their primary teeth will have come in by then.

My child’s baby teeth will fall out; why would they need fillings?

While this is true, protecting your child’s primary (baby) teeth is essential for their dental development. Their baby teeth reserve space in the mouth for the adult teeth to erupt–hence they should be in good condition.

I never have teeth-related problems or pain. Do I need a checkup?

Yes, everyone should visit their dentist regularly for a checkup. What you may not be aware of is that many oral issues do not cause pain or symptoms until they have advanced. Not only is your prognosis poorer at this point, but your treatment options will likely require extensive and costly procedures. A simple checkup can prevent problems from occurring or worsening.

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