How Can You Get Emergency Dental Treatment?

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how can you get emergency dental treatment

Most of us associate a visit to a dental clinic in Saskatoon with a quick checkup, but dentists are also available to provide emergency treatments, as well as routine and preventative dental services. A dental emergency can occur at any time. Whether it results from sports, slipping, fighting, or accidents, if you damage your teeth or develop intense oral pain, it is vital that you seek help from an emergency dentist in Saskatoon.

Common Dental Emergencies

It is important to understand what a dental emergency is. In short, a dental emergency is anything to do with your teeth, gums, jaw or inner oral tissues that is causing you intense pain or discomfort. Some of the most common dental emergencies that we see at Saskatoon Smiles include:

  • Knocked-out tooth: if a tooth is knocked completely out of your mouth, it is still possible to save the tooth by re-inserting it into the socket. If you are unable to do this yourself, hold the tooth by its crown and gently place it in a container of milk while you look for an emergency dentist in Saskatoon. The sooner you can get to a dental clinic, the higher your chances are of saving the tooth.

  • Dental and facial injuries: traumatic incidents, such as car collisions and falls, can cause major damage to the mouth. If your mouth is bleeding in excess, your teeth are broken, or your jaw is damaged, it is vital that you seek assistance from a dentist as soon as possible.

  • Severe tooth or gum pain: dental pain can be truly excruciating, especially when caused by infection or trauma. If you have other symptoms on top of the oral pain, such as swelling, a fever, and generally feeling unwell, you may have a dental abscess and will need to urgently seek assistance from a dentist in Saskatoon.

How To Get Emergency Dental Treatment

If you already have a general dentist in Saskatoon, the first step to take is to give their office a call and see if they can see you on an urgent basis. If you need help outside of working hours, call the office and listen to the instructions provided, as your dental clinic may have an after-hours service that you can use. If you do not have a general dentist or cannot reach your dentist, you can perform a quick Google search of emergency dentists in the area.

A lot of people try to visit the general emergency room for dental emergencies. You should only ever attend the emergency room if you are in severe pain and cannot get a hold of a dentist. While a general emergency room can help ease your symptoms, they do not have the equipment or expertise available to properly handle dental emergencies. Examples of dental emergencies that warrant a trip to the general emergency room include severe swelling, uncontrolled bleeding, pain radiating from the mouth down to the neck or up into the head, and injuries that are affecting your vision or causing you to lose consciousness.

Emergency Dental Services

If you are ever experiencing a dental emergency and find yourself in need of urgent care, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Saskatoon Smiles. We are happy to get you in for a visit as soon as possible and alleviate any pain or anxiety you may be feeling due to your dental emergency.