Dental Emergencies: What to Do

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dental emergencies what to do

No one wants to be faced with a dental emergency. Dental injuries are some of the most uncomfortable and inconvenient situations one can find themselves in. When these situations occur, it is important not to ignore them. Instead, see an emergency dentist in Saskatoon as quickly as possible to receive proper treatment. When it comes to teeth, hours and even minutes can make the difference between a viable tooth and a dead one.

First steps

If you have just had a dental injury, then there are a few things that you must do before visiting a dental clinic in Saskatoon. First of all, rinse your mouth with water that’s not too hot and remove any food by flossing. If you have some swelling, you can apply a pack of ice or a cold compress on your cheek. After this, immediately visit our dentist in Saskatoon and avoid wasting any time.

What to do with a chipped tooth?

You should try to retrieve all the pieces. Then, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply gauze or a cloth to the chipped tooth to control the bleeding. It is important to go to an emergency dentist in Saskatoon right away, since neglecting a chipped tooth can result in further damage and even infection. Your dentist will be able to repair your tooth by using a filling.

What if I have a knocked-out tooth?

The most important part is trying to keep the tooth viable. To do so, gently grab the tooth by the crown— avoid touching the root, since this can compromise the tooth. Rinse it with milk and do your best to place it in the socket again. If you can’t do this or it is too gruesome for you, then store the tooth in a container with only milk. This has proven to keep knocked-out teeth alive and this way your dentist can actually reposition it again.

Also, control the bleeding by applying a cold moist gauze or a cloth and bite on it. Immediately seek dental care. After all, according to the experts, the sooner a tooth is placed in the socket the higher the chances it can be restored. This is especially true if it happens within an hour of the knock-out.

Extruded tooth

This happens when the tooth is partially dislodged. There is nothing you can do other than try to relieve your pain with a common analgesic and a cold compress. Plus of course, visit your dentist.

I have something stuck between my teeth!

The only thing you should use to try to get it out is dental floss. Any other objects can be detrimental to your gums and teeth. If you can’t reach it with floss, then visit our dental clinic in Saskatoon.

Loose brackets and bands

This is very common, especially among teenagers. If this happens, you should try to reattach any loose braces with a little orthodontic wax and see your orthodontist as soon as possible. Some people tend to neglect this issue but this is not advisable. Beyond the discomfort you might experience from loose braces, this can also sabotage your progress. Thus, the quicker you see your orthodontist, the less damage caused.

Lips, tongue, and cheeks injuries

First of all, you should control the bleeding. To do so, rinse with warm salt-water. Then, apply pressure to the bleeding with a cold gauze or cloth and hold it until the blood stops. If the bleeding continues, then there may be some vascular compromise, and you should seek treatment from your dentist as fast as you can.