Can You Get Invisalign for Just Your Top Teeth?

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Those who are thinking about Invisalign in Saskatoon frequently ask if the treatment is available for their top teeth only, or less often, if it is available only to straighten their bottom teeth. This is a fair question. If you are happy with the way your lower teeth look, why would you need to treat them?

Unfortunately, getting Invisalign only on your upper teeth is more complex than it seems, and many factors go into single-arch treatments.

What is a Single-Arch Treatment?

A dental arch refers to the u-shaped positioning of tissue, bone, and teeth on your top and bottom jaw. Getting Invisalign on only your top or bottom arch, instead of both, is known as a single-arch treatment.

Generally, when dentists opt to use aligners on just the top or bottom teeth, they do so only after performing a thorough exam of your bite. Changing only one arch of teeth will cause changes to your entire bite, which is why getting Invisalign on both the top and bottom arches of your mouth is the most common treatment.

When Are Single-Arch Treatments Effective?

Single-arch treatments are a viable option in some instances. For example, if you have an overbite or gaps between your upper teeth. In this case, closing the spaces between your teeth will move them back, improving your overbite and closing any gaps. The only way to be sure if a single-arch treatment is right for your needs is to get an evaluation by your dentist in Saskatoon.

Potential Disadvantages of Single-Arch Treatments

Using Invisalign on only one of your arches comes with many potential drawbacks. If you opt for a single-arch treatment, you may get a straighter appearance of your upper teeth, but it can also cause your bite to become misaligned. A misaligned bite can lead to speaking and chewing issues, along with neck, head, and jaw pain. It may also cause uneven wear on your teeth.

When you speak to our dentist in Saskatoon about single-arch treatments, they will ensure that the treatment will not affect your overall bite before allowing you to go forward with the treatment. Even though only one arch is being treated, the mouth still must be considered as a whole for Invisalign treatment to be effective.

Are You a Candidate for Single-Arch Invisalign Treatment?

It is important to remember that your upper and lower teeth are designed to fit together, so getting treatment on only one arch of teeth can lead to issues with your bite and unpleasant symptoms.

Individuals who have minor spacing, slightly crooked teeth, or a single tooth tipped out of alignment on the upper or lower arch may be a good candidate for a single-arch treatment. To find out if you have a dental issue in which single-arch treatments will be effective, make sure to visit your dental office in Saskatoon to get a full evaluation of your mouth and its structure.

Thinking About Invisalign?

At Saskatoon Smiles, we are happy to provide Invisalign. Whether you are looking to align your smile with a full set of aligners, or you are considering a single-arch treatment, our team can help.

When you book a consultation at our dental clinic in Saskatoon, our dentist will be sure to complete an in-depth evaluation of your oral health needs and guide you on what is best for your smile.

Our team of dedicated dental professionals cannot wait to help you get on your way to a brighter, healthier smile. Please contact us to book an appointment at our dental clinic in Saskatoon today!