5 Things to Know About Invisalign

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5 things to know about invisalign

Have you ever dreamed of having perfectly straight teeth but don’t like the idea of receiving metal braces? If that’s the case, there’s no need to worry anymore. Nowadays there is an option available for you. Look for a dentist who offers Invisalign in Saskatoon. Invisalign is a new orthodontic method to straighten teeth and fix bite misalignments. Maybe you’ve heard of it but do you know how the system works and why it’s becoming the preferred option among dental professionals in the field? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you all about it. Here are five important facts that will help you decide if you should consider acquiring Invisalign.

1. Straight teeth are good for your oral health

A beautiful smile doesn’t only give you cosmetic benefits but it can also lead to overall dental health. Crooked or overcrowded teeth are more prone to suffer from tooth decay and gum disease because they are harder to clean thoroughly. Even if you’re visiting your dentist in Saskatoon, professional dental cleanings are more challenging with crooked teeth as the spaces where they floss and use the instruments are limited. This means that this is more than a superficial problem— you will be improving your oral health and preventing serious issues in the future.

2. You have to remove them to eat

If you’re worried about eating during your Invisalign treatment, don’t be. The trays need to be in place for at least 20 hours a day. However, you need to remove them during mealtimes to prevent them from becoming damaged. Drinking beverages other than water is also unwise. The plastic trays could become stained or ruined by highly acidic foods. Also, the sugars present in the beverages could settle into the trays which will increase your risk for cavities. Ask a dentist that offers treatments with Invisalign in Saskatoon if you want to know more about what other foods you should avoid.

3. Smoking is a no-no

This one is very important. If you’re a smoker, it’s time for you to consider quitting the habit. Smoking could cause discolouration to your trays, making them extremely noticeable and not in a good way. Besides, what’s the point of Invisalign if it’s not going to be nearly invisible? So steer clear from tobacco products in all forms. It will also help improve your oral health tremendously and of course, your overall health.

4. You can drink all the water you want

Unlike tea, pop, red wine, juice, and coffee, water can be consumed while wearing your Invisalign trays without a problem. Feel free to quench your thirst and drink as much water as you like. Water is also healthy for your overall health and your teeth. Being hydrated is not only needed for your body to perform at its best but it’s essential for saliva production, which maintains the pH of your mouth keeping harmful bacteria at bay. So drink up!

5. The treatment is shorter but it’s not for everyone

Generally, the treatment with Invisalign takes about one year to be completed, which is considerably less than other traditional orthodontic treatments. However, before making a decision you should pay a visit to our dental clinic. After all, only a dental professional can provide you with the best advice regarding your specific case. Remember not all patients will be suitable candidates for Invisalign in Saskatoon. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, our dentist in Saskatoon might need to use traditional braces. Such is the case with big gaps or severely crooked teeth. Therefore, you need a professional assessment to determine if you can undergo treatment with Invisalign or not.