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Saskatoon Smiles is proud of the work we do and even prouder of the things patients are saying about us. A small collection of some of our Patients comments. To see more please visit our Google+ page.

> Marion, Saskatoon, SK

I became a client of Dr. Wes Antosh’s in the spring of 2004. For many years I was self-conscious of my teeth; they were badly stained and full of fillings by the time I became a teenager. I’d also suffered from TMJ pain for many years.
I longed to have a nice white smile and because I was approaching a milestone birthday, I made the decision to consult a dentist to see if my teeth could be improved cosmetically. I was interested in also keeping my teeth in good condition by having the mercury fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings.
Dr. Antosh’s ad in the Yellow Pages of the phone book impressed me and I made an appointment for an examination. The staff in Dr. Antosh’s clinic are so friendly and helpful; they make dental visits something to look forward to, not dread! Dr. Antosh is also relaxed and friendly but he goes about his work in a very professional manner. He is, in my opinion, a very skilled dentist.
To make a long story short, I had some new porcelain veneers applied to my lower teeth, and ten porcelain veneers applied to my upper teeth. Dr. Antosh opened my bite and I am now free of TMJ pain.
I am thrilled with my white natural looking smile. The veneers feel exactly like real teeth and have helped improve my self-esteem and given me more self-confidence.
I was told that two women in the waiting room were looking through the before and after photos of some of Dr. Antosh’s clients. When they saw my photos, they commented that I now look twenty years younger. That’s a wonderful compliment to Dr. Antosh’s brilliant work isn’t it?

Saskatoon, SK

> Rosemary, Saskatoon, SK

From my very first visit to Dentistry on Queen, I was treated with the utmost care and professionalism by Dr. Antosh and his friendly staff.
The anxiety I have harbored since I was a child about seeing a dentist was quickly allayed by the concern for my comfort and well being that I received at every appointment. As a result of Dr. Antosh’s considerable expertise I now have a smile that I am proud of… in fact, I just can’t stop smiling!
Saskatoon, SK

> Carla Murray, Saskatoon, SK

Having an injury to my upper front teeth as a young child, I have experienced many years of very unpleasant hours sitting in a dentist’s chair having tons of dental work and gum surgeries. I have had nothing but problems and bad memories with my teeth stemming from this injury, and was always filled with fear and anxiety when coming to the dentist.
Hearing great things about Dr. Wes Antosh from a friend and also my husband, who was a fairly new client as well, I decided to make the change and come to his practice. In fact the whole family comes here now! You’re greeted with such friendly and smiley staff who make you feel very comfortable and reassured.
Dr. Antosh recently removed my old chipped crowns and replaced them with new natural-looking white crowns and I am absolutely ecstatic now! He made this experience feel like a breeze. He was so friendly and competent and made me feel very comfortable. He did an exceptional job and is very passionate about his work. It was an extremely positive experience and now I have no fear or anxiety about coming to the dentist anymore. For the first time in my life I can now say that I have great experiences coming to the dentist’s office.
The compliments come pouring in now on my new smile and everyone notices the major improvement with my new white crowns and I am so happy and thankful!!

Carla Murray,
Saskatoon, SK

> Kjell Johnston, Saskatoon, SK

My first visit to Dr. Antosh’s clinic came about by word of mouth. To me this is the most powerful form of recognition on the planet. I was in need of Cosmetic Dentistry with regards to my front teeth. Being skeptical of this new concept made me nervous at first. However thanks to the very knowledgeable and excellent staff they walked me through each step and made the entire process very easy. If you are a person that looks in the mirror every day and wishes you could improve your smile don’t worry. Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Antosh and his awesome staff. The specialized work they can perform is the best you will find.

Kjell Johnston,
Saskatoon, SK

> Sharon Hofer, Saskatoon, SK

Earlier this year, Dr. Wes Antosh completed my veneers. I want to share with you my total satisfaction and happiness with his work. I have known Wes Antosh for several years. For anyone who harbours anxiety towards Dentists, let me reassure you that Wes Antosh has the “gentle touch”. Since meeting Dr. Antosh, I no longer become stressed before or during my dental appointments, there’s no pain!!
In regards to cosmetic work, Dr. Antosh is the right and only choice for you. As I stated earlier, I have known him for several years and he’s a perfectionist in every essence of the word. You need a perfectionist to complete cosmetic work. Wes Antosh sets very high standards for himself and his staff, his standards are higher than most people’s satisfaction.
Now for anyone contemplating veneers, just do it! Put your worries aside and book an appointment. Don’t deny yourself straight teeth. Life is short. You’ll be happier, more confident, and most important of all, you’re worth it!!

Sharon Hofer,
Saskatoon, SK

> Linda Scott, Saskatoon, SK

I have to admit the idea of changing my teeth was always there, but I was either too scared, not sure how it would look or feel after. But having lived with someone who was not happy with his teeth all his life and then deciding to do something about it, I knew the change was so wonderful for him, as a patient of Dr. Wes’s, that he had me convinced that it was the best thing he had ever done and I have to agree. I have never been more happy with my new veneers and my smile since. I would highly recommend it to each and every person who is also scared and not sure. Thanks again to Dr. Wes and all the staff for the great job of putting my smile back for me.

Linda Scott,
Saskatoon, SK